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IGHV gene mutational analysis

Online support and troubleshooting for interpretation of IGHV sequences.
A review board of experts is available online to discuss general queries on IGHV gene interpretation or analyze actual IGHV sequences that can be difficult to interpret in everyone’s daily activity

MRD diagnostics

MRD analysis by flow cytometry and RQ-ASO IgH-PCR.
Information and online support:

Educational Workshop on Immunoglobulin Sequence Analysis in CLL

Biennial Workshop of the IgCLL group for scientists interested to learn more about immunoglobulin gene analysis in CLL. This educational workshop will comprise a mixture of lectures and applied sessions held by experts in the field on immunoglobulin gene interpretation in CLL.

ERIC accreditation in TP53 mutation analysis

ERIC offers external quality assessment in laboratory diagnostics of CLL.

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