European Research Initiative on CLL

ERIC | Ongoing Projects

ERIC is currently carrying out several translational and clinical research projects on CLL. All members are welcome to participate in any of these projects by contacting the coordinator of the project in question. Members are also encouraged to propose new projects by submitting to the ERIC board, at any time during the year, a one-page application form (PDF application form), describing the scientific rationale and the objectives of the study.

ERICLL database

  • ERICLL database - European multicenter retrospective and prospective study
    A. Hadzidimitriou, Thessaloniki/Greece / C. Moreno, Barcelona/Spain
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Targeted re-sequencing in CLL

  • Targeted next‐generation sequencing of clinically relevant genes in CLL
    R. Rosenquist, LA. Sutton, Uppsala/Sweden
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  • Recurrent gene mutations in CLL: ERIC project in HARMONY
    R. Rosenquist, LA. Sutton, Uppsala/Sweden
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  • Prevalence of BTK and PLCγ2 Mutations in Patients relapsing under Ibrutinib
    P. Ghia, L. Scarfo', Milan/Italy
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Immunoglobulin Gene Sequences

  • Online registry and support for Immunoglobulin gene sequence interpretation
    LA. Sutton, Uppsala/Sweden, A. Hadzidimitriou, Thessaloniki/Greece
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  • IG sequence collection
    K. Stamatopoulos, A. Agathangelidis, Thessaloniki/Greece
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Flow cytometry for diagnosis and monitoring

  • A complementary role of multiparameter flow cytometry and high-throughput sequencing for minimal residual disease detection in chronic lymphocytic leukemia: an European Research Initiative on CLL study.
    A. Rawstron, Leeds/UK
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  • International CLL registry for spontaneous regression in CLL: Proposal
    I. Del Giudice, Rome/Italy
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Clinical Projects

  • An observational cohort study to assess the efficacy and safety of bendamustine plus rituximab as front-line therapy in patients affected by B-cell chronic lymphocytic leukemia
    A. Cuneo, Ferrara/Italy, C. Moreno, Barcelona/Spain
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Cytogenetic Complexity in CLL

  • Prognostic and predictive value of complex karyotyping using chromosome banding analysis or miroarray-based profiling in CLL
    AP. Kater, Amsterdam/The Netherlands, K. Stamatopoulos, Thessaloniki/Greece
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