European Research Initiative on CLL

ERIC | How to become an ERIC Member

ERIC has more than 800 members representing more than 56 countries.

The aims of ERIC are:

  • Development and promotion of clinical, translational and basic research activities on CLL and related disorders.
  • Encouragement of interaction and cooperation between clinical expertise (physicians, study groups) and scientist/research groups in CLL and related scientific fields on a European and international level.
  • Creation of common standards with regard to
  • the diagnostic and therapeutic management of CLL patients
  • the implementation and management of clinical trials in CLL and related diseases.
  • Promotion of trans-national communication of clinicians/scientists and publication of clinical and scientific knowledge regarding CLL and related disorders.

Organization of congresses, symposia and conferences on a regular basis Every physician or scientist working in the field of chronic lymphocytic leukemia or related disorders being interested in the objectives described above is eligible for active and equal membership. The association consists of full members, a leading Board and two Subcommittees. Membership is free of charge.

If you agree with the aims of ERIC and fulfill the criteria noted above and want to become an ERIC member, please fill in the ERIC membership application form and you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

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