The ERIC (European Research Initiative on CLL) TP53 and IG networks are pleased to announce that they will be working together with GenQA and UK NEQAS LI to continue assuring the quality of TP53 and IG testing in patients with CLL.

ERIC will continue to work with laboratories to achieve accuracy of testing through their initial certification process whilst GenQA and UK NEQAS LI will assure the maintenance of competency among previously certified labs by providing an external quality assessment scheme (EQA). Both the certification and the EQA procedures will follow the same assessment process adhering to ERIC recommendations for analysis and interpretation of TP53 and IG testing.

These pilot-EQAs are aimed at laboratories that are ERIC certified for TP53 and/or IGH testing so in case you are not yet certified, please refer to to learn more on how to participate in a round to obtain the initial certification. Prior participation in ERIC certification enables laboratories that have recently introduced TP53 or IG analyses, or those that have recently introduced new technologies, to benefit from the advice and reassurance on the accuracy of testing that the ERIC network provides before participation in EQA.

ERIC initial certification will last 3 years after which the labs need to maintain their competency by participating annually into the EQAs by GenQA and UK NEQAS LI. The EQA is available annually also for those labs who need it during the 3 years of the initial ERIC certification.


ERIC TP53/IG certified laboratories with expired certification: 

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*If you are not already a member of GenQA please go to GenQA registration page. Once registered, you will be sent login details to enrol in these EQAs. If you are already a GenQA member then please login with your GenQA participant identifier to enrol in these EQAs.


Non-ERIC certified laboratories

For further information contact or