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Session I. The genesis of CLL

Chairs: Nicholas Chiorazzi, Kostas Stamatopoulos
Introduction by Federico Caligaris-Cappio
– Exploring the roads to CLL, by Freda Stevenson
– MBL: Always a one-way ticket to CLL?, by Lydia Scarfo
– CLL: One entity or more? Diagnostic considerations, by Andy Rawstron


Session II. Disease trajectories: Outcomes, possible explanations and clinical implications

Chairs: Michael Doubek, Robin Foa
– Spontaneous regression, by Tatjana Stankovic
– Clonal evolution: How is it reflected at the genome?, by Catherine J. Wu
– Richter transformation, by Davide Rossi
– CHIP and second primary myeloid malignancies, by Panagiotis Baliakas


Session III. Resistance to apoptosis

Chairs: Eric Eldering, Alan Ramsay
– The anti-apoptotic phenotype: Cell-intrinsic drivers, by Stephan Stilgenbauer
– The anti-apoptotic phenotype: Cell-extrinsic drivers, by Dimitar Efremov
– Promoting apoptosis in CLL: Clinical overview, by John Seymour


Session IV. Proliferation: What lies beneath and how to target it?

Chairs: Silvia Deaglio, Thomas Kipps
– CLL and microenvironmental addictions, by Adrian Wiestner
– Relevant bystander cells, by Martina Seiffert
– Targeting CLL cell proliferation: Clinical overview, by Jan Burger


Session V. Networking and collaboration: Why and how

Chairs: Eva Kimby, Emili Montserrat
– US initiatives, by Anthony Mato
– The ERIC CLL Database, by Anastasia Chatzidimitriou
– CLL within HARMONY, by Francesc Bosch
– EHA links to EU initiatives and infrastructures, by Ulrich Jaeger


Round table discussion: Frontline treatment: State-of-the-art

Chairs: Michael Hallek, John Seymour
Discussants: Florence Cymbalista, Matthew Davids, Kirsten Fischer, George Follows, Alessandra Tedeschi, William Wierda, Jennifer Woyach


Round table discussion: Management of relapsed/refractory disease: State-of-the-art

Chairs: Jennifer Brown, Peter Hillmen
Discussants: Antonio Cuneo, Barbara Eichhorst, Arnon Kater, Stephen Schuster, Michel van Gelder



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