How can I certify my lab?

Please complete the Participation Form

How long does it take to receive participation confirmation?

You will be contacted via email.  This may take a few weeks.

Who decides whether my lab can participate?

The certifying centre in charge of the Round.

What happens if there are no more spaces available?

Your lab will be included in the next available Round.

Is Certification free?

Yes it is. All courier costs are covered by ERIC.

How many certification rounds are there per year and when will the next one be?

Normally 2 per year:  one gDNA-based and one RNA/cDNA-based.


When will the samples be sent?

You will be informed via email.

How many samples will be sent?

You will receive five samples.

Which type of nucleic acid will be tested?

There is one round for DNA and another one for RNA/cDNA per year. 

Can my lab test both DNA and RNA?

Yes, but for your lab to receive certification, both of these methods must pass.


How long does the lab have to analyse the samples?

Normally two months. Deadlines will be outlined.

How long for results to be sent after submitting the results?

Deadline will be provided.

How should the results be submitted?

Via an online personalised form that you will be sent.

Who should I contact if I need assistance?

Please email the ERIC Office.


How long is the certification valid for?

Three years.

How can I renew my certification?

You will need to reapply.

How can I request a duplicate certificate?

Please contact the ERIC Office at

Which type of certification exists?


How many times can my lab reapply if unsuccessful?

There is no limit.

How can I find out more about certified labs?

Please click on the Certified centres and Certification Round sections on the website.

For more information, please click here